Lift Up Sarpy County Works with First Lady, State Partners and Community

Collaborators Shed Light on Status of Sarpy County at Data Walk

 Lift Up Sarpy County, Inc., and Nebraska Children and Families Foundation welcome Nebraska First Lady, Susanne Shore, to Papillion for data sharing and collaboration.

(Papillion, Nebraska) March 15, 2018 —Lift Up Sarpy County, Inc., in conjunction with Nebraska Children and Families Foundation hosted the 2018 Sarpy County Data Walk at CHI Health/Midlands Hospital in an effort to make sure government, non-profits and other collaborators in Sarpy County were aware of the latest data about the area.

The Data Walk involved six stations, each of which provided insight into both the county’s positive traits as well as challenges in which the general community may not be aware.

“Sarpy County is an amazing place to live,” said Georgie Scurfield, Executive Director for Lift Up Sarpy County. “The businesses and the communities here are growing, but we still maintain the smaller-town feel that makes us so special. However, the growth and prosperity can push lower income families out, and those issues are putting some families on the edge of crisis.”

The concept for the Data Walk was created by Nebraska First Lady Susanne Shore’s Bring Up Nebraska prevention initiative and is being supported by Nebraska Children and Families Foundation. Bring Up Nebraska believes that the solution for many of the community’s challenges lies within collaborative work within that community. Ms. Shore stated, “Prevention efforts are not new. Bring Up Nebraska directs new energy, new focus, and new partners to lead these efforts at the local level—where they can make the most impact.”

Collaborators include people from law enforcement, healthcare, non-profits, religious organizations, education, businesses and city and county government. They work together to identify gaps in services for those that need them, develop long-term plans using the latest strategies and data, and coordinate activities to resolve them. The community then commits to common goals, measurements, and practices—working as one toward the end goal of improving well-being for all families, and keeping children out of the child welfare system.

“When you have children removed from a home not because they were being abused or neglected, but because Mom lost her job when she didn’t have reliable transportation to work, and now she cannot make rent—that’s a waste of talent and resources and a less than optimal outcome for the children in her care. It’s going to take all members of our communities, including the business who need workers and customers, to sit down at the table, learn the facts about Sarpy County, see the gaps and develop a plan of action,” said Scurfield.

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About Lift Up Sarpy County, Inc.

Lift Up Sarpy County brings together government, non-profit and faith-based organizations in our communities to serve people in need in Sarpy County. It offers opportunities for cooperation and collaboration, provides operational services and encourages person-to-person assistance and volunteerism. It exists to uplift lives. To view the Data Walk 2018 booklet, visit

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About Nebraska Children and Families Foundation and Bring Up Nebraska

Nebraska Children and Families Foundation supports children, young adults and families at risk with the overall goal of giving our state’s most vulnerable kids what they need to reach their full potential. We achieve this by using the Collective Impact approach to build community-owned collaborations and effective community prevention systems. Each collaborative, such as Lift Up Sarpy County, are part of a larger prevention initiative, called Bring Up Nebraska, designed to strengthen children, families, and older youth; keeping them out of the welfare and criminal justice systems. Learn more at