Could you please help us spread the word on this important survey regarding affordable housing in Bellevue?  Only Bellevue residents can participate.

survey iconThe City of Bellevue, Nebraska, is preparing an, “Affordable Housing Action Plan,” as required by Nebraska State Statute, to document needed affordable housing types in the community. The Plan will include a comprehensive analysis of the local population, economic and housing trends and projections, the identification of the housing unit target demand for Bellevue and the identification of new affordable housing development and housing rehabilitation initiatives for the city.

“Meeting the affordable housing needs of our citizens, while providing a broad range of housing choices, is crucial for the growth and prosperity of the community.” said Tammi Palm, Planning Manager for the city. “The city has an excellent track record of completing important community planning activities, leading to positive population growth and housing development activities in Bellevue. We’re excited about creating an Affordable Housing Action Plan.”

Citizen input is an important component of this plan and the City of Bellevue would appreciate your help. Please take the following short surveys regarding housing strengths, issues, opportunities and needs in the city.

Affordable Housing Survey:

Workforce Housing Needs Survey: