We help local organizations meet the needs of our most vulnerable families


Sarpy County CASA

CASAs are trained, volunteers appointed by the Juvenile Court to ensure that the needs and best interests of the child are met.

In Sarpy County alone, more than 200 children find themselves entangled in the foster care system. Many of these children become trapped in a revolving door of foster parents, caseworkers, attorneys, and judges. For these children, a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) can make a huge difference. Learn more.

Community Response

Lift Up Sarpy County provides the backbone for a collective impact project called Community Response that brings government, non-profit and faith-based organizations together to share resources, identify challenges and create solutions with the goal of strengthening the protective factors that help families raise happy, healthy children. Learn more about how this innovative collaborative approach is more effective for the families it serves.

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Sarpy County Attorney

Lift Up Sarpy County manages funds for three programs for the Sarpy County Attorney: Teen Court, Mental Health Diversion, Victim’s Witness and Drug Treatment Court. Teen Court and Mental Health Diversion give minor offenders the support they need to stay out of jail. LUSCI also manages funding for the Victim’s Witness courthouse dog, Manny, who helps bring calmness to those who have to testify.

Bellevue Police Department

The Bellevue Police Department uses the funds donated to it through Lift Up Sarpy to support its public outreach efforts and a parenting education class called Proactive Parenting

Sarpy County Public Defender

The Sarpy County Public Defenders Office strives to provide each and every client with the best possible legal representation. Funds raised are used to promote Mental Health Awareness.  Learn more.

Human Services

Human Services works with a variety of people. Funds raised are used to help seniors pay for prescriptions, Veteran’s assistance and back-to-school supplies, among others activities. Learn more.


Sarpy County Sheriff

The Sarpy County Sheriff’s Department manages the Juvenile Justice Center and the JCC Clothing Closet, providing students with the clothing they need to feel comfortable and confident in the classroom, help them thrive in school and social settings, and avoid problems such as bullying. The department also accepts adult clothing donations for parents who have new jobs or job interviews.

What we do at Lift Up Sarpy County