From the desk of our Executive Director, Tanya Gifford:

LB1073, requiring the state to apply for the second round of Emergency Rental Assistance, passed Final Reading this morning with 26 votes and is heading to the Governor’s desk. See how your Senator voted here.

We did not get the 33 votes necessary for the emergency clause, which would have enacted the law immediately and put us under the March 30 reallocation deadline. BUT THAT IS OKAY. We have plans. And we still need your help.

If your Senator voted YES on this bill, please send them a message or give them a call thanking them for their vote. We need them to stay with us on a possible veto override vote on Tuesday.

For the next few days, this is in the Governor’s hands. We need you to call his office and voice your support for LB1073 and ask him to sign the bill. You can call his office here: Call 402-471-2244

I have also attached a wonderful letter from the panhandle collaborative that was written to the Governor if you would like to review and use some of the content along with data on ERAP allocations/FAQ.

We all assume our call/text/email will not make the difference…I am telling you that we need you and anyone you know that supports LB 1073 to make the call. Our Governor needs to hear from all of us that this funding is still needed and the benefits of the second round of ERAP rent, utilities, and long term low income housing opportunities.

We will be able to make a difference and help families reach sustainability again!

Thanks all for your work and support on this. We live to fight another day!