Lift Up Sarpy Logo

We Exist to Uplift.

Even the slightest help can lift heavy hearts. That’s why we’re here. 

Lift Up Sarpy County, Inc. brings together government, non-profit and faith-based organizations in our community to serve people in need in Sarpy County, offer opportunities for cooperation and collaboration, provide operational services and encourage grass roots, person-to-person assistance and volunteering.

When you donate to Lift Up Sarpy County, you’re helping foster powerful collaboration that truly helps families in our community get out of crisis and into a place of sustainability.


Lift Up Sarpy County identifies needs and opportunities that impact the long-term success of people in Sarpy County, supports, connects and energizes organizations and funders through regular communication and collaboration, and builds sustainability by managing resources, developing new partnerships, and sharing work.


In addition to administering Community Response, Lift Up Sarpy County works with several other Sarpy County organizations who also serve those in need in our community. Learn more


Every Bit of Help, Helps.

When you donate to LUSCI or directly to one of the organizations we help support, you help families and youth in our community who need it most. No matter which organization you wish to support, you help to improve the lives of Sarpy County’s most vulnerable children and families.