On drugs for years and desperate for money to support his habit, Mike stole a local church’s trailer and the electronics used for Sunday services that were stored within it. It wasn’t too long before Mike was caught and once again found himself in the judicial system.

Mike Smith Transformed his lifeIn a profound demonstration of forgiveness, the pastor reached out to the Sarpy County authorities as well as Mike, to see what could be done to turn this man’s life around.

The church worked with Sarpy County resources to help Mike avoid a punitive response. Mike was given the support he needed to end his cycle of addiction and start his life anew. That’s when Lift Up Sarpy County stepped in to support the effort. Through the Car Match Program, Mike was able to receive access to financial education and the dollars he needed to obtain a working truck and start his fencing business.

Mike recently formed his own nonprofit agency to help others struggling after drug addiction and incarceration. He hires people who are transitioning from jail or prison and teaches them basic home maintenance skills, especially building fences.

“I was a drain on the community and I have an obligation to the community,” said Smith. Watch more about Mike’s transformation via a KETV story.

Collaborating through Lift Up Sarpy County, the church and Mike received much needed help from Sarpy County authorities and the Car Match Program. Mike is now living a healthy and sustainable life.